Meaning of beflowered in English:


Pronunciation /bɪˈflaʊəd/


  • Covered or decorated with flowers.

    ‘it is a sweet May morning in this beflowered city’
    • ‘While the others went and paid their respects at Claudes bitterly fresh grave, Mum, Nan and I went to see Melly's beflowered resting place.’
    • ‘This wooded and beflowered park was laid out in the heart of the cantonment in 1864.’
    • ‘She was a very pretty little person, evidently nearer fifty than forty, but with rosy cheeks, sparkling black eyes, and shining black hair, surmounted by a wonderful beflowered and beplumed bonnet.’
    • ‘Every building in the downtown area was beflowered and bedraped.’
    • ‘We were able to see the expansive and beflowered city of Boston.’
    • ‘The ladies were more or less fashionably dressed in bright summer costumes and beflowered hats, and had gay parasols.’
    • ‘No, wait - Eric, do we for some reason need horribly beflowered lampshades or perhaps pastel bathmats anywhere on the set?’
    • ‘He would open up the brightly coloured, beflowered trunk, pull out a fabulous costume - a magician, a bear, a dragon, a snowman - and he would play, unselfconsciously, at inhabiting those clothes.’