Meaning of before the wind in English:

before the wind

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  • With the wind blowing from astern.

    ‘a white-hulled yacht ran before the wind’
    • ‘The wind blew from the north and the ship ran swiftly before the wind.’
    • ‘Wind shrieked through the rigging as the mast groaned under the strain of its huge triangular sail that drove the vessel before the wind, its rigging taught as harp strings.’
    • ‘Several days out, however, a storm arose and the vessel was driven before the wind in a constant southerly direction, headed toward the South Pole.’
    • ‘Sails were down and it was running under bare poles before the wind.’
    • ‘On the water, however, sailing close-hauled may feel faster, primarily because the boat is heeling over, but you move more quickly in the upright position, running before the wind.’