Meaning of beggar's purse in English:

beggar's purse


North American
  • An appetizer consisting of a crêpe stuffed with a savoury filling, typically caviar and crème fraiche.

    ‘To serve, place a beggar's purse in the center of a plate and spoon some mushroom sauce and Pinot Noir sauce around the dish.’
    • ‘Legions of waiters in black tie buzzed by, offering beggar's purses filled with caviar.’
    • ‘Place a ring of julienne vegetables on top of the sauce to form a nest and place the beggar's purse in the center.’
    • ‘Ten small beggar's purses, tender and light, contained a surprisingly mild but flavorful ground meat filling.’
    • ‘Dinner started with a beggar's purse stuffed with caviar and crème fraiche.’
    • ‘Dust the beggar's purses with confectioners’ sugar.’
    • ‘And don't leave without ordering the incredible dark chocolate filled beggar's purses served with a honey dipping sauce.’
    • ‘Honestly, I like the beggar's purse the most in this dish.’
    • ‘More than 300 of the restaurant's signature beggar's purses filled with caviar were snapped up after the ceremony and washed down with cold sake.’
    • ‘The beggar's purse, in particular, is a visual treat, with apple filling wrapped like a present in golden, flaky phyllo.’
    • ‘Spinach beggar's purses with mushrooms, spinach, and cheese.’
    • ‘Our meal began with beggar's purses, little dumplings of shrimp and chicken tied with a string of green onion and quickly deep fried.’
    • ‘Equally attractive and just as tasty was beggar's purse - phyllo dough shaped into a drawstring purse stuffed with spinach and boursin cheese and baked to a golden brown.’
    • ‘On Channel 2, a professional homemaker was explaining how to make a birthday dinner for forty with duck-filled beggar's purses, caramelized shallots, and stuffed fillets of beef with poached leek ribbons.’