Meaning of beggar belief in English:

beggar belief


(also beggar description)
  • Be too extraordinary to be believed or described.

    ‘a disregard for common sense which beggars belief’
    • ‘It beggars belief that a group of local councillors can really believe there is any merit in this option.’
    • ‘‘Cave-in’ doesn't even begin to describe mismanagement so far off the scale as to beggar belief.’
    • ‘Although the inadequate measures to deal with the problem beggar belief, what is even more incredible is the mentality of a farmer or a householder who will dispose of their rubbish by dumping it into the nearest river.’
    • ‘The elephants, had, of course, knocked these down in their passage, so going downhill was one long slide and going up beggars description.’
    • ‘India is so large, so ancient, so complex that it beggars description.’
    • ‘This film is so cheap, ridiculous and inept, it beggars description.’
    • ‘He was asked about the lack of coverage of the protest and his reply simply beggars belief;’
    • ‘But it beggars belief that so many have been built and bought and no-one making decisions has even thought about how it is affecting ordinary people.’
    • ‘To suggest that it could have happened as a belated reaction to a pre-election budget, no matter how lavish, simply beggars belief.’
    • ‘The lack of a cohesive strategy beggars belief.’
    • ‘The stupidity of people sometimes beggars belief.’
    • ‘The scale of the whole thing just beggars belief.’
    • ‘It beggars belief that the system allows funding bids to be assessed in this way.’
    • ‘Why it simply beggars belief that such a thing could happen!’
    • ‘It beggars belief that anyone could do such a thing, let alone to a defensive pensioner going about her weekly business completely innocently.’
    • ‘Trying to imagine how these structures were built beggars belief.’
    • ‘‘It beggars belief that we even got the insurance sorted so that we could do it,’ says Vegas.’
    • ‘The behaviour of some of the late night revellers almost beggars belief.’
    • ‘The moan that the new town council members were not formally invited is not really worthy of any comment save to say it beggars all belief.’
    • ‘Which beggars the question - how did you find this place?’
    inexpressible, undefinable, beyond description, beyond words, beggaring description, nameless, incommunicable, ineffable, unutterable, unspeakable