Meaning of beginner's luck in English:

beginner's luck


  • Good luck supposedly experienced by a beginner at a particular activity.

    ‘Would I be able to swoop in on some beginner's luck and take something home?’
    • ‘Somewhere on the outskirts of town, his beginner's luck finally deserted him.’
    • ‘If not, I shall have to put it down to beginner's luck - a bit like my politics.’
    • ‘It's difficult - I mean he might be quite intelligent, he might have outside help, or he might just have beginner's luck.’
    • ‘‘Well, you certainly have wonderful beginner's luck,’ said Marcus, laughing a little out of surprise.’
    • ‘You never knew: maybe the kid would have beginner's luck.’
    • ‘Call it beginner's luck - or evidence that I'm just really relaxed.’
    • ‘But then he was a strong swimmer, and, what is more, he had beginner's luck.’
    • ‘Later on, as we queue for my second plate of paella and Nick's father has gone off to collect his winnings, Nick and I wonder if it was beginner's luck.’
    • ‘Some people will say you win the first one and that's beginner's luck or something like that.’