Meaning of begrudgery in English:


Pronunciation /bəˈɡrʌdʒəri/


mass nounmainly Irish
  • A bedgrudging attitude; envy.

    ‘their success should not be a matter of begrudgery’
    • ‘Anyhow the first thing I vowed to give up for the New Year was the auld begrudgery.’
    • ‘Their success should not be a matter of envy or begrudgery.’
    • ‘There is begrudgery towards the amounts spent on rural areas which is largely based on misinformation.’
    • ‘Ahern told me he found those complaints more typical of the Irish penchant for begrudgery than serious social commentary.’
    • ‘Interestingly, they haven't experienced one of the usual by-products of success - national begrudgery.’
    • ‘She went on to allege that her father had been driven from the Emerald Isle due to typical Irish begrudgery of his success.’
    • ‘Every good rivalry is marked by begrudgery, is almost defined by it.’
    • ‘A lot of our legendary begrudgery was spawned by the fact that material success was such a rare bird.’
    • ‘You are so right, alas, there is more and more and no shortage of begrudgery and petty selfishness in Ballina.’
    • ‘But I'm not going to apologise for my begrudgery.’
    • ‘The beer industry is heavily laden with begrudgery.’
    • ‘This cannot be put down to traditional Irish begrudgery, or the provincial feuding that characterises the arts scene in any small city.’
    • ‘But for all the begrudgery people should go out and cast their vote.’
    • ‘Let there be no begrudgery at least for the few weeks that these special people are within our shores.’
    • ‘If a certain amount of begrudgery is the unavoidable product of such a position of eminence, it is neither fair nor perceptive.’
    • ‘On this occasion, judging by the grafitti the begrudgery came from a different source.’
    • ‘Talk to staff in health board and social welfare offices around the country and they will tell you they are bearing the brunt of the begrudgery.’
    • ‘A bit of begrudgery never did us any harm.’
    • ‘It doesn't pay to be happy in a land gripped by begrudgery’
    • ‘Monies due should be paid up and there should be no begrudgery.’