Meaning of behaved in English:


Pronunciation /bɪˈheɪvd/


in combination or with submodifier
  • Conducting oneself in a specified way.

    ‘a well-behaved child’
    • ‘some of the boys had been badly behaved’
    • ‘And I have to admit their kids are way better behaved than my own.’
    • ‘Equally badly behaved, but a little calmer and better informed, were the massive numbers from the labor unions.’
    • ‘Are our children really worse behaved than we are?’
    • ‘At the age of 35, golf's worst-behaved professional appears to have discovered stability and happiness.’
    • ‘But Dan says there's a lot of badly behaved kids in with her.’
    • ‘I have to tell you, those people are remarkably well-behaved and gracious and polite.’
    • ‘It was a fairly quiet Halloween on Wednesday night, with police saying that in general revellers were better behaved than last year.’
    • ‘I prefer horror to be a cheap, easy lay of a genre: disreputable, badly behaved, unapologetic and nasty.’
    • ‘A child superstar, who married the world's worst behaved man.’
    • ‘He would also make me look good, by being even more badly behaved than me.’
    • ‘I can guarantee there'll be a worse behaved child than yours in there.’
    • ‘We would have to say they were the best behaved and appreciative guests we have ever entertained.’
    • ‘They are the best behaved group I have ever had the pleasure to deal with and it is just a dream come true.’
    • ‘I do not accept that our well-behaved boys should be made to pay for a poorly behaved kid.’
    • ‘Then ignore experts who tell you to shower attention on children when they are badly behaved and miserable.’
    • ‘Academic standards were high, and kids better behaved than in the other two, supposedly better - class schools in the district.’
    • ‘Again, I encountered some very badly behaved tourists.’
    • ‘The most behaved and polite team throughout the series, the Green Tree Pub, also took home a cash prize.’
    • ‘As far as I saw the supporters of both teams were impeccably behaved all day and the atmosphere was incredible.’