Meaning of behavioural in English:


Pronunciation /bɪˈheɪvjər(ə)l/


  • Involving, relating to, or emphasizing behaviour.

    ‘closely related species have similar behavioural patterns’
    • ‘a behavioural approach to children's language’
    • ‘Autonomic responses are among the richest sources of adaptive behavioral patterns.’
    • ‘Second, this fear of a specific concrete object allowed use of a behavioral approach test.’
    • ‘Only one pair was observed at a time in order to time behavioral patterns precisely.’
    • ‘New research is also connecting heart problems to behavioral patterns and social conditioning.’
    • ‘Prey show the same response, regardless of the behavioral state of the predator.’
    • ‘Indeed, the interplay between prey and predator is a central theme of behavioral ecology.’
    • ‘The data provided a rich set of examples of physical and behavioural symptoms.’
    • ‘In the end the sound of the bell alone was enough to bring about a behavioural response - the dog began drooling.’
    • ‘At a concrete level, this learning is reflected by changes in the behavioural data.’
    • ‘Procedures used in behavioral experiments have been described in detail elsewhere.’
    • ‘Our suspicion in that we might see effects in a different behavioral context.’
    • ‘We recognize that this single test may reflect the total effect of several behavioral traits.’
    • ‘Food in the stomach does not appear to alter the kinetics or behavioral effects of the medication.’
    • ‘The entire behavioral record for each ape was scored independently by two observers.’
    • ‘At the start, males usually called and displayed behavioral threats to each other.’
    • ‘It is in this context that we began our studies of behavioral choice in the leech.’
    • ‘The social and behavioral goals that we achieved were beyond our hopes and imagination!’
    • ‘Patient-doctor relationships are generated by different behavioural patterns.’
    • ‘Autism causes behavioural patterns that can be deeply distressing to all concerned.’