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behind the scenes

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  • 1Out of sight of the public at a theatre or organization.

    ‘behind the scenes at London Zoo’
    • ‘As Damian gives me a guided tour behind the scenes at the Theatre Royal, I lose count of the animal parts lying around.’
    • ‘Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in the theatre foyer?’
    • ‘He will continue to be the main organiser but will work behind the scenes.’
    • ‘While it was the players who produced the goods on the day, the Mayor did not forget the men behind the scenes.’
    • ‘Much of his work in stimulating art activities in the borough was carried out modestly and behind the scenes.’
    • ‘Blackmore pulled back his public image but redoubled his work behind the scenes.’
    • ‘A Swindon theatre company has given people a peek behind the scenes of its operations during an open day.’
    • ‘Two young brothers will soon be making their mark in the theatre both on stage and behind the scenes.’
    • ‘Organisers are working busily away behind the scenes to make sure it is a day to remember.’
    • ‘The whole set has been rotated to reveal what it looks like from backstage, and we see what really goes on behind the scenes.’
    1. 1.1Secretly.
      ‘diplomatic manoeuvres going on behind the scenes’
      • ‘On the other hand, if there's a secret war going on behind the scenes it could be a number of things.’
      • ‘The two cattlemen had extensive private dealings with politicians behind the scenes.’
      • ‘Why would they talk to you in such detail about what went on behind the scenes?’
      • ‘Yet behind the scenes, the whips' office is making all sorts of threats in a bid to persuade them not to gut the Bill and turn it into an outright ban.’
      • ‘Downing St is officially neutral, though intensive preparations are being made behind the scenes.’
      • ‘Since last summer a fierce political argument has been going on behind the scenes over whether to go for reprocessing or storage.’
      • ‘He believes the Government has done a lot of work behind the scenes in the past four years to make sure future fuel protests were thwarted.’
      • ‘Behind the scenes, representatives from the transport union had been meeting with drivers in Grangemouth.’
      • ‘The dispute then went quiet, but behind the scenes Boeing was lobbying hard.’
      • ‘Other things might have happened behind the scenes that the public has the right to know.’
      secretly, in secret, privately, in private, behind closed doors, clandestinely, surreptitiously
      secret, private, clandestine, surreptitious
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