Meaning of behind the times in English:

behind the times

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  • Not aware of or using the latest ideas or techniques; out of date.

    ‘the children considered dad to be behind the times’
    • ‘If we fail to appoint a management team that is capable of moving with modern ideas, we will end up not three years behind the times but ten.’
    • ‘The Rail Passengers Committee believes companies are behind the times and need to get up to date.’
    • ‘Compare online shopping: in Europe it is not as widespread as in the U.S. and not simply because Europeans are backwards or behind the times.’
    • ‘Coming home, our estate seemed poor to me, behind the times; a real antique.’
    • ‘And it's a sign that whatever his great accomplishments in the past, the guy is behind the times.’
    • ‘Sharman said the entertainment companies are behind the times and don't realize that consumers need not buy CDs, DVDs or videotapes to enjoy music or films.’
    • ‘And forgive me for noting that those who would complain of lengthy deployments and demand the return of the troops are about 10 years behind the times.’
    • ‘We've done a little research, and that revealed we were a little behind the times with our methods.’
    • ‘I think if you're behind the times, you've failed.’
    • ‘I was thinking that maybe I am just behind the times.’
    old-fashioned, outmoded, out of fashion, out of date, unfashionable, frumpish, frumpy, out of style, outdated, dated, out, outworn, old, former, dead, musty, old-time, old-world, behindhand, past, bygone, archaic, obsolescent, obsolete, ancient, antiquated, superannuated
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