Meaning of behoof in English:


Pronunciation /bɪˈhuːf/


mass noun archaic
  • Benefit or advantage.

    ‘to make laws for the behoof of the colony’
    • ‘To the use and behoof of Richard Rust and Susanna his wife, his heirs and Susanna's forever more.’
    • ‘(b) the words ‘or a member makes a trust deed for behoof of his creditors or a composition contract’ shall be omitted.’
    • ‘But in May 1650, he sold Gorbals to the Magistrates and Council of Glasgow; to be held by them - one fourth for the behoof of the city, two-fourths for behoof of Hutcheson's Hospital and one-fourth for behoof of the Trades’ Hospital.’
    benefit, advantage, use, value, virtue, usefulness, utility, service, gain, profit, avail, validity, help, assistance, aid


Old English behōf, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch behoef and German Behuf, also to heave.