Main meanings of beira in English

: beira1Beira2


Pronunciation /ˈbeɪrə/


(also beira antelope)
  • A rare antelope found in Somalia and Ethiopia.

    Dorcatragus megalotis, family Bovidae

    ‘Like most antelope, the majority of the beira's activity occurs in the morning and evening, while at midday it rests.’
    • ‘Besides the baboon, the Horn is an important region for a number of threatened antelope species, particularly the beira and dibatag antelopes.’


Alocal name.

Main meanings of Beira in English

: beira1Beira2


Pronunciation /ˈbʌɪrə/

proper noun

  • A port on the coast of Mozambique, capital of Sofala province; population 436,240 (2007).