Meaning of Bel Paese in English:

Bel Paese


mass noun Trademark
  • A rich, white, mild, creamy cheese of a kind originally made in Italy.

    ‘Try Bel Paese in pasta sauces or melted with a little milk or panna and tossed with risotto.’
    • ‘Literally, ‘beautiful country’, Bel Paese got it's name from the name of a book by the cheesemaker's friend.’
    • ‘Although it bears a different shape (appearing as wheels or medallions), Bel Paese actually acts and tastes quite similar to Mozzarella.’
    • ‘Below is a list of Wisconsin businesses that produce Bel Paese.’
    • ‘The mild flavor of the anchovies blends beautifully with Bel Paese cheese and capers.’


Bel Paese

/ˌbɛl pɑːˈeɪzeɪ/ /-zi/


Italian, literally ‘fair country’.