Meaning of belatedly in English:


Pronunciation /bɪˈleɪtɪdli/

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  • Later than should have been the case.

    ‘the High Command had belatedly altered its tactics’
    • ‘He would become a regional artist, belatedly indebted to the late Cezanne.’
    • ‘His claims about her logic indicate, however belatedly, his response to her pointed opposition to his poetics.’
    • ‘The artist has been belatedly credited in the new film, a vindication he is reported to have accepted grudgingly.’
    • ‘The art world is belatedly catching up to this trailblazing figure.’
    • ‘Dismayed by the prospect of general mayhem, officials belatedly summoned the National Guard.’
    • ‘Just a few days ago, these war veterans belatedly realized their dream of seeing a monument to their courage opened on Washington's Mall.’
    • ‘This will reduce the risk of the will remaining unknown or being found belatedly.’
    • ‘Talks collapsed on Wednesday after management had belatedly sought to undermine the deal.’
    • ‘Any further postponements so belatedly in the year would be close enough to a disaster.’
    • ‘It was only belatedly that I heard he had undergone a heart bypass operation.’