Meaning of belike in English:


Pronunciation /bɪˈlʌɪk/


archaic sentence adverb
  • In all likelihood; probably.

    ‘some earnest business is afoot belike’
    • ‘The roars, belike, would have gradually subsided in dreadful rumblings of more than utterable or conquerable mirth.’
    • ‘Belike they were not known, or else not used.’
    • ‘And thy wife, belike, or thy mother, reared her?’
    • ‘Why then, belike we must sin and so consequently die.’
    • ‘The Romans then, flying to the emperor, desired his aid and succour; but he, belike to pleasure the pope, gathering an army, went rather against the Romans.’
    in all likelihood, in all probability, as likely as not, very likely, most likely, likely, as like as not, ten to one, the chances are, doubtless, no doubt, all things considered, taking all things into consideration, all things being equal, possibly, perhaps, maybe, it may be, presumably, on the face of it, apparently


Mid 16th century from by + like.