Meaning of Belizean in English:


Pronunciation /bɪˈliːzɪən/


(also Belizian)
  • Relating to or characteristic of Belize or its people.

    ‘local Belizean music’
    • ‘The settlement of this dispute remains a major current political issue and a significant one in Belizean history.’
    • ‘It appears that a Belizean "Creole" identity and socio-ecological niche emerged as much in the rural, marginal areas of Belize as in Belize City.’
    • ‘The national currency is known as the Belizean dollar.’
    • ‘Belizean folklore is a combination of European, African, and Mayan beliefs.’
    • ‘She was brought up in California by her Belizian mother.’
    • ‘Although I'm a proud American I'm half Belizian so I wanted to show my support for that country, as well as the country I was born in.’


(also Belizian)
  • A native of inhabitant of Belize.

    ‘the terminal was full of Belizeans wrapped in coats as they waited for their ride’
    • ‘An old man, a native Belizean, visited the collection early on and he had never seen these animals.’
    • ‘The involvement of the average Belizean is essential to ensure that these people feel invested in and develop a sense of ownership of this industry.’
    • ‘Implementing a full scale initiative to broaden the cruise tourism stakeholder base and to get the ordinary Belizean involved could have tremendous social impacts.’
    • ‘Belizeans also play baseball and softball.’
    • ‘My mother is from Belize and all my family on that side are Belizians.’
    • ‘Conservationists say global recognition has encouraged Belizeans to take a more active role in protecting their natural heritage.’