Meaning of bellhop in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbɛlhɒp/

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North American
another term for bellboy
‘Incoming patients are greeted by a uniformed doorman, attentive bellhops and a concierge who whisks guests to their rooms.’
  • ‘Others worked as cooks, waiters, and bellhops.’
  • ‘It's how waiters, bellhops, and street performers have always made a living - a system that encourages good service.’
  • ‘We've heard a lot about the bellboy, the bellhop that this alleged victim made her immediate outcry to.’
  • ‘He thanked the bellhop and took the trolley with our luggage and proceeded to the elevator.’
  • ‘This includes approximately 75,000 workers who serve the rich and very rich in such jobs as limousine drivers, nannies, housekeepers, waiters and bellhops.’
  • ‘Tips are common only in certain job sectors- those involving personal services, with hairdressers, food servers, taxi drivers, hotel bellhops, and tourist guides being the most striking examples.’
  • ‘Jack cast a sideways glance at the female front desk attendant as he walked out the door behind the bellhop.’
  • ‘It was a massive stone building, a good twenty-five stories, columns marking the sides of the entrance where four massive wooden doors stood, marked by bellhops and valet parking signs.’
  • ‘His paintings of Parisian types, among them cooks and bellhops, referenced 17 th- and 18 th-century models.’
  • ‘Others found employment in hotel service jobs, working as dishwashers, bellhops, and elevator operators.’
  • ‘Please enjoy your stay,’ the bellhop said as he set down her bags.’
  • ‘I'll have the bellhop load these into the carriage.’
  • ‘Feel free to tip the bellhop and the housekeeper 5% to 20% for good service, depending on the situation and how frequently they serve you.’
  • ‘‘Right away, sir,’ he said more enthusiastically, buzzing for a bellhop to carry their bags and lead them to their room.’
  • ‘He turned back to his son and nodded. ‘… Did the bellhop get all of your things?’’
  • ‘The bellhop led them to their rooms, pushing their luggage on the way and carried it into the separate rooms, 412 for the girls and 413 for the boys.’
  • ‘‘We have been saving for a long time you know,’ Rachel answered as they stepped in the lobby behind the bellhop.’
  • ‘A bellhop will be along shortly to carry your bags up.’
  • ‘I heard Matt shout as I followed the bellhop across the lobby.’