Main meanings of Bellini in English

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Pronunciation /bɛˈliːni/

proper noun

  • A family of Italian painters in Venice, Jacopo (c.1400–70) and his sons Gentile (c.1429–1507) and Giovanni (c.1430–1516).

Main meanings of Bellini in English

: Bellini1Bellini2


Pronunciation /bəˈliːni/

nounplural noun Bellinis

  • A cocktail consisting of peach juice mixed with champagne.

    ‘One favorite at Red Square with a spring feel is the Bolshevik Bellini (champagne, peach vodka and peach schnapps).’
    • ‘He mixed us up a couple of his signature Bellinis from fresh peach juice and Prosecco - these cool and refreshing drinks were the perfect cappers for a warm and leisurely afternoon.’
    • ‘Olive Garden's drink menu also features two frozen Bellinis (peach and strawberry) along with those classic favorites, daiquiris and frozen margaritas.’
    • ‘Sip signature Bellinis, a bubbly marriage of peach juice and champagne, then ‘follow up with a gondola ride.’’
    • ‘You can only make the best patio drink ever, the Bellini, with white peach purée.’
    • ‘Cuttlefish ink risotto is the traditional dish of the city, and be sure to order a Bellini cocktail before dining.’
    • ‘Ask for a Martini or a Bellini and see if they can deliver on their golden promise.’
    • ‘The Bellinis, reportedly made correctly with Italian sparkling wine, Prosecco, and peach puree weren't knockout.’
    • ‘The Bellinis are to die for and the dry Martinis are the best, just don't ask for a beer or a glass of wine at the bar… they don't do them.’
    • ‘Their Bellinis are world-class, and well worth the price tag, especially considering the classically beautiful surroundings, and excellent service.’
    • ‘Being a cocktail fiend myself, my friend and I tried a couple from the short list of Bellinis available.’
    • ‘We had lots of fun and ordered a Bellini in a fishbowl (it's basically the size of 3 or 4 Bellinis served in an actual fishbowl with two straws, lots of fun).’
    • ‘I sipped on my Bellini, taking in the sumptuous ambience.’
    • ‘I was brought up as a child of luxury, where the doorman at the Hassler carried your umbrella and the barman at the Cipriani remembered exactly how my mother liked her Bellini.’
    • ‘Everyone has commented on the venue and the delicious bellinis and vast selection of 'nibbles' were very popular!’
    • ‘And if you’re on a tight budget you can cheat by using a good quality Cava or sparkling wine to make the delicious Bellinis.’
    • ‘It has great views, particularly in the summer, and they serve the best bellinis around.’
    • ‘They make the best Bellinis, refreshing in summer, and for winter some of the most full flavored red wines, an outstanding complement to the food.’
    • ‘I felt transported and wished I could be there sipping a bellini and taking in the feel of spring!’
    • ‘Here, you might sit on the terrace, sipping a Bellini, watching men in white suits and women with snaky hips and pursed lips.’


From the name of the Venetian painter Giovanni Bellini the cocktail is said to have been invented in Venice during a major exhibition of the artist's work in 1948.