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belly dance


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  • A dance originating in the Middle East, typically performed by a woman and involving undulating movements of the belly and rapid gyration of the hips.

    ‘It's a slinky three-minute dance set to music combining belly dance with modern dance.’
    • ‘The open category dances saw a nine-year-old performing an Australian belly dance.’
    • ‘Did you hear she actually can do a weapons dance and a belly dance at the same time?’
    • ‘Where is the seemingly independent upper, lower and middle body movement in the belly dance?’
    • ‘A beautiful little khanum is presented, a girl of 18, her perfect half naked body sparkling with jewels and semitransparent silk, her long dark hair shaking on her shoulders as she performs the belly dance to the sound of drums and flutes.’
    • ‘There's also a shrewd belly dance that alludes to both women's lives.’
    • ‘In the 21 years since her spiritual quest led her to belly dance, she has danced all over the Middle East, attracting the attention of royal families and having wild adventures before founding her Toronto school and dance company.’
    • ‘The performance draws inspiration from Middle Eastern culture, mixing it with dance, belly dance, spectacular sets, magnificent lighting and illusions to create an exciting show for all ages.’
    • ‘Flamenco's middle-Eastern heritage was evident here, as dancers used the hip swaying and arm and hand movements that one would expect in a belly dance.’
    • ‘Derived from traditions in which women danced together to entertain each other, this form of belly dance is always danced as a group.’
    • ‘She was the famous ‘Little Egypt’ who did her belly dance in front of amazed clerics, whose reports of the lewd behaviour brought the crowds in their thousands flocking to the fair.’
    • ‘I decided to learn Arabic music in Cairo, but ‘Daman’ would not be persuaded to learn a belly dance.’
    • ‘One art that thrives in the progressive creative environment of the region is the belly dance.’
    • ‘It starts with the therapeutic benefits and history of belly dance, then explains the different forms of dance and movements.’
    • ‘No trip to a Middle Eastern restaurant is complete without a belly dance display.’
    • ‘A group of women disappointed when their weekly belly dance classes came to an end have set up their own group in Chippenham.’
    • ‘The role of belly dance and the meanings attached to this dance for both the women who perform it and their spectators have undergone radical change since it was first introduced to the West in the 19th century.’
    • ‘Designed, choreographed, and taught by Russian belly dancer Neon, this beginner-level program introduces ten belly dance combinations that you can take to the dance club or to parties.’
    • ‘Highlights include tribal belly dance, rock ‘n’ roll, yoga, street dance, Greek, Berber or Maori dancing, Argentinian tango as well as the more traditional ballroom.’
    • ‘Their 3-part video series takes you through steps that form a true Egyptian belly dance.’