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below the belt

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  • Disregarding the rules; unfair.

    ‘she said one of them had to work; Eddie thought that was below the belt’
    • ‘And every time The President attacks him in a way that's perceived as unfair or below the belt, as normal as that is in politics, and of course it is, I think it damages that perception.’
    • ‘If they're seen as unfair, as below the belt, as smear tactics, they can backfire on the candidate in the long term.’
    • ‘He stressed: ‘This insult was way below the belt, untrue and unjust.’’
    • ‘So, there was no way that anything was underhand or anything was below the belt or anything was conspired or lied to.’
    • ‘Legislation relating to Social Employment Schemes, introduced with very little fanfare and even less protest back in April 2000, due to kick into action this year is very much below the belt for the long-term unemployed.’
    • ‘The issue of curbing so-called ‘below the belt’ attacks would have made sense if the issues were really below the belt - that is, if they had to do with such things as affairs and infidelities.’
    • ‘She said: ‘They're a little below the belt occasionally, but he does have a great sense of humour.’’
    • ‘They say that to err is but human and no argument can be made against that, but to publicly castigate and besmirch former colleagues and associated staff in an attempt to alleviate criticism strikes well below the belt.’
    • ‘But Americans don't see the candidate's ads as below the belt, but as welcome information about a man they don't know who is running for president.’
    • ‘This pushes my experimental colleagues beyond their already strained limits of patience, for it is both wrong and completely below the belt.’
    • ‘There was a very derogatory comment made about a particular person and it was below the belt, it wasn't acceptable and should never have gone out.’
    • ‘Even by the standards of centuries of accumulated mudslinging, however, the President's latest outburst was a bit below the belt.’
    • ‘To attack others when they are weak and low is just below the belt.’
    • ‘Nice thought, but possibly a little too below the belt for me.’
    • ‘Samantha is so frighteningly polite that to pose cynical questions seems rather below the belt.’
    • ‘To be honest, I have always known that the insult was rather below the belt.’
    • ‘When you raise money for people and then to have it slapped back in your face - it is just below the belt.’
    • ‘That was below the belt as far as I was concerned.’
    • ‘Apparently animal analogies are just below the belt.’
    • ‘I grunted, sticking my nose into the air, ‘that was a tad below the belt, wasn't it’’
    unfair, unjust, uncalled for, unjustified, unjustifiable, unacceptable, unreasonable, unsatisfactory, unwarranted, unnecessary, inequitable, off, out of turn
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    From the notion of an unfair and illegal blow in boxing.