Meaning of belt down in English:

belt down

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phrasal verb

  • 1(of rain) fall hard.

    ‘rain belted down on the tin roof’
    • ‘The horse lay there, thrashing violently, the Cowgirl, unconscious, the rains still belting on them, the funnel taking down everything in its path to their right.’
    • ‘From the re-start the rain started belting down, effectively killing off any enterprising backline play and the Bulldogs pack were left to slog it out in the trenches.’
    • ‘The steady rain was not doing the pitch too much harm but just a couple of hours before kick-off it absolutely belted down.’
    • ‘And somewhere - I can't remember where we'd got to - this thunderstorm came and it belted down.’
    • ‘Many said that when the rain started to belt down in the second half hundreds of ‘so-called fans’ drifted away.’
    • ‘The rain was beginning to belt down now in a devastating flurry, as if the heavens themselves were at war with this battered earth.’
    • ‘Rain started to belt down as City continued to knock on the door.’
    • ‘All this seasonal picture-painting is, by the way, supposed to distract me from the fact that it is in fact belting down great gusts of rain outside my window right now.’
    • ‘Ah, Washington when the cherry blossom is in bloom: when it can be a sunny balmy 21 degrees one day and belting with rain the next.’
    1. 1.1(of the sun) radiate intense heat; be very strong.
      • ‘by the time we arrived, the sun was already belting down’