Meaning of bench seat in English:

bench seat


  • A seat across the whole width of a car.

    ‘Given that he has the whole bench seat to himself, he stretches out and tries to make himself comfortable - physically, anyway.’
    • ‘In that case the seating available for passengers comprised three single seats and a bench seat 7 ft 4 ins in length.’
    • ‘As one of the few passengers who had a whole bench seat to himself, he covered his head and went to sleep.’
    • ‘There is also 288-litres of boot space, increasing to 694-litres with the bench seat folded, and to 1,038-litres with the seat folded down and the car loaded to the roof.’
    • ‘There is a double bolster seat at the helm and a full-width bench seat across the back of the cockpit.’
    • ‘She stormed over to the Taurus, pulled open the back door behind the passenger seat and slid onto the bench seat, slamming the door shut.’
    • ‘She deposited the box on the passenger seat, retrieved the radio and Cuisinart from the bench seat, and headed back inside.’
    • ‘Most used buyers will decide between the six-seater with individual seats and the seven-seater which has a bench seat for three in the middle.’
    • ‘The seating can be moved around at will, though the bench seat remains always a unit of three seats, so it requires two hefty people to extract it.’
    • ‘Still, the beagle preferred to sleep between the front seats and the pointer chose to lie on the rear bench seat.’
    • ‘She sat on the other end of the bench seat and perched her feet on the edge of the seat in front of her.’
    • ‘The rear bench seat can be tumbled, reclined or even detached, as well as slid backwards or forwards, and also allows each passenger to choose an individual and comfortable seating position.’
    • ‘I'm here,’ I said, glumly arranging two plug rods and a fly rod across the bench seat of the boat.’
    • ‘The King Cab comes with two individual seats up front, while the Crew Cab can be had with that setup or with a full-width bench seat for six-passenger capacity, one of the few concessions to possible work duty.’
    • ‘Three - wheeled, the front of the vehicle contained a bench seat for the passengers who usually had a blanket tucked around their legs to keep out the ocean's chill.’
    • ‘Wil leaned back in the bench seat and crossed his arms.’
    • ‘The bench seat can carry the driver + 2 passengers, so the giving-people-a-lift part is covered.’
    • ‘On the huge dive deck, everyone has a big locker under a bench seat, with his or her cylinder charged in situ with air or nitrox via a hard-plumbed system.’
    • ‘I climbed into his truck, making myself comfortable on the large bench seat.’
    • ‘Juliard glanced across the cab to Missy, who was sitting, huddled in silence at the far end of the bench seat.’