Meaning of benchmark test in English:

benchmark test


  • A test designed or used to establish a point of comparison for the performance or effectiveness of something, especially computer hardware or software.

    ‘It includes a CPU benchmark test that allows running the test single and multithreaded.’
    • ‘In the fall of 1999, Tandberg Data requested a third-party test house to perform a benchmark test of tape backup drives to assess their susceptibility to dust contamination.’
    • ‘In other cases, code in the drivers artificially reduces the workload demanded by the benchmark test, thereby increasing performance, Futuremark said.’
    • ‘For the benchmark test, a 20GB database was created to represent four separate mailboxes.’
    • ‘I used the FireWire connection to scan the benchmark test drawing, though ultra-wide SCSI is available.’
    • ‘In the case of platform-compliance scores, for instance, you could map the different elements of your benchmark test and assign each element a color based on how risky it is and a size based on how often it was left exposed.’
    • ‘The SPC allows it to be switched off during a benchmark test because it is a supported configuration which customers are not discouraged from using.’
    • ‘I evaluated each monitor on how well it met the minimum configuration requirements specified, its benchmark test results, features, warranty, and documentation.’
    • ‘The Comanche 4 benchmark test would not run at all on the Intel graphics chip, as no hardware T&L was detected.’
    • ‘On the Cadalyst Labs C2001 benchmark test, the FX 1400 scored 130.67-comfortably within the range usually posted by high-end cards.’
    • ‘In one WorldBench benchmark test Mozilla and MS Media Encoder run in parallel.’
    • ‘But let's move on to see how it performed in our standard benchmark tests, as compared to other 875P-based motherboards.’
    • ‘The low - cost processors perform beautifully in our benchmark tests.’
    • ‘In general, the NEC MultiSync LCD2080UX performed well during benchmark tests.’
    • ‘Conclusive benchmark tests have been conducted with multiple chipsets, CPUs and motherboards, your assurance of highest possible speed and uncompromising compatibility.’
    • ‘This is the property responsible for most of the performance improvements you see in our other benchmark tests - particularly games, where random memory access is the norm.’
    • ‘We won't be running lots of synthetic benchmark tests - we're using the same real-world games testing that we use in our graphics reviews.’
    • ‘Our benchmark tests, which exactly reproduce workstation usage with appropriate applications, show that the additional L3 cache hardly adds any speed.’
    • ‘Do you want me to show you benchmark tests that have lower-megahurtz processers outperforming higher-megahurtz processors?’
    • ‘The company has created new benchmark tests which it believes better reflect the way consumers actually use their programs.’