Meaning of bend double in English:

bend double


  • Bend over into a stooping position.

    ‘the boy bent double and disappeared inside the hide’
    • ‘For the 57-year-old, who suffers from osteoporosis and arthritis, could not walk unaided and was bent double in agony because her hips had virtually worn away.’
    • ‘With a lead singer belting out strong vocals, twin guitars, and a bass player bent double most of the time this was an act to watch as well as listen to.’
    • ‘I for one, was utterly helpless, tears rolling down my cheeks, bent double with hysterics.’
    • ‘Forward planning will minimise your chances of spending Monday morning bent double in pain.’
    • ‘Mariana stood with the rest of the congregation until her grief overwhelmed her and the force of her sobs left her bent double and clinging to friends for support.’
    • ‘Peggy was blind and her sister almost bent double with arthritis.’
    • ‘William Gallas bent double to make contact with the ball but his glancing touch could direct it only on to the post.’
    • ‘Except for summer weekends when he spent all his time bent double in the garden, digging or weeding.’
    • ‘Seth was winded and he gasped for breath while bent double and holding his stomach.’
    • ‘The rain lashed down and the wind howled, trees bending double with the force of it, but still they continued on their journey.’