Meaning of bend the knee in English:

bend the knee


(also bend one's knee)
  • Submit.

    ‘a country no longer willing to bend its knee to foreign powers’
    • ‘All three, and countless other journalists throughout the world, have one thing in common: they refused to bow the knee, in the face of naked threats and aggression.’
    • ‘Let yesterday prove that Londoners and Britons of all faiths and backgrounds can still see clearly who their enemies are, and refuse to bow the knee.’
    • ‘So the All England Club have at last bowed the knee to progress and agreed to roof the hallowed Centre Court.’
    • ‘Rudolph Giuliani, who will soon be knighted by the Queen, is a man who bends the knee to nobody.’
    • ‘Once again, we see how much Ross bows the knee to the scientific establishment (except when they reject his views).’
    • ‘Now we have a scramble amongst some politicians to prove themselves good Europeans and to bend the knee to nonsensical provisions coming from the EU.’