Meaning of bendability in English:


Pronunciation /bɛndəˈbɪlɪti/


mass noun
  • The quality of being easily bent; flexibility.

    ‘They show greater resistance to corrosion, have better bendability and are fire-resistant.’
    • ‘The demo looks like a credit card - an actual credit card that passes all the credit card specs for bendability and reliability and everything - and contains a speaker and a sound chip.’
    • ‘Bendability is little affected, whether one polishes the surface after quenching, or leaves it as oxidized.’
    • ‘Eight-year-old divas on the VWs and Rovers, pounding up and down to test the bendability of the metal.’
    • ‘Many studies have been carried out in the past to optimize the bendability of aluminium alloys.’
    flexibility, pliancy, elasticity, whippiness, suppleness, malleability, plasticity, springiness, ductility, bendability