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‘From his casual podium high-stool, inclined to squeak during exciting passages, he leans beneficently towards his adoring players ensuring them that ‘Brahms must always be romantic and sentimental'.’
  • ‘Libertarians emphasize that ‘spontaneous ‘social order can function beneficently based on the legal principles they favor.’’
  • ‘North American missionaries cannot afford to assume either that their roles are above and beyond the projects of the world or that their ministries will be beneficently viewed apart from such ‘signs of the times.’’
  • ‘By relying on natural imagery, the poems and stories transformed the arbitrary positions, distinctions, and inequalities of society into divinely and beneficently designed relationships.’
  • ‘So was John an enlightened despot, beneficently overseeing a realm of unparalleled tolerance and bonhomie?’