Meaning of Bengal tiger in English:

Bengal tiger


  • A tiger of a subspecies found in parts of India, Bangladesh, and elsewhere in South Asia.

    ‘despite having one of the highest tiger populations, the Bengal tiger is now exceedingly rare in the wild’
    • ‘The zoo at the moment has five Bengal tigers - three male and two female.’
    • ‘Located between Teesta and Mahananda rivers, the forest has rich wildlife, including elephants, Indian gaurs, spotted deer, barking deer, leopards and even Bengal tigers.’
    • ‘Bengal tigers are listed as 'endangered', numbering less than 1,500 in the whole of India.’
    • ‘In India, when tracking the Bengal tiger, patience, and a sense of privilege, not entitlement, is indeed a virtue.’
    • ‘The outer wall of the Bengal tiger enclosure was constructed in 1982-83.’
    • ‘When the ship capsized due to a massive storm, Pi finds himself in the company of a hyena, an orangutan, a wounded zebra and a 450-pound Bengal tiger aboard a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean.’
    • ‘A village in the north of India has been plagued by a man-eating Bengal tiger.’
    • ‘You are seeing a live shot of Taj, a nearly extinct white Bengal tiger.’
    • ‘For felines all over the world - from docile house cats to Bengal tigers - clawing is an essential characteristic of being a cat.’
    • ‘The Royal Bengal Tiger once again is a major attraction, now that the zoo has been reopened.’
    • ‘A Bengal tiger, a tiger this size, can take down a water buffalo in less than 30 seconds to a minute.’
    • ‘Sea-level rise could cause the disappearance of vast swaths of this region, and along with them species such as the famed Bengal tiger.’
    • ‘The Royal Bengal tiger, which had charmed the zoo authorities with his "friendliness" and "affectionate behaviour," was reared by the zoo authorities.’
    • ‘The love of her life was Rajah, a Bengal tiger acquired as a tiny cub and reared by hand.’
    • ‘Churning masses of humanity, sunsets, temples and mountains all come alive as do the magnificent Bengal tigers to which the film is a tribute.’
    • ‘The park is among India's largest tracts of bush forest, a unique habitat for the Bengal tiger.’