Meaning of benison in English:


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  • A blessing.

    ‘the rewards and benisons of marriage’
    • ‘He sees himself as the applied scientist who will bring the benisons of molecular biology to practical use.’
    • ‘We know that Ms. Lavenham is on the road to wisdom, however, when James tells us she is ‘already half aware that, while good looks and prettiness were benisons, beauty was a dangerous and less amenable gift.’’
    • ‘All of the time-consuming, head-cracking effort of an editor has relaxed and evened out, as though deftly pressed by some magic iron, and a benison has spread over the evening.’
    • ‘What is benison for Chelsea inevitably turns out to be a curse on their peers.’
    • ‘It was a glorious morning, the impartial sun shining over everything with a kind of benison.’
    advantage, benefit, help, boon, good thing, godsend, favour, gift, convenience



/ˈbɛnɪz(ə)n/ /ˈbɛnɪs(ə)n/


Middle English from Old French beneiçun, from Latin benedictio (see benediction).