Significado de bento en en inglés


Pronunciación /ˈbɛntəʊ/

nombresustantivo plural bentos

  • 1A lacquered or decorated wooden Japanese lunch box.

    ‘Try simple but sturdy wood or craft-paper boxes, picnic baskets, bamboo steamers, lunch boxes, Japanese bento boxes, or even plastic wastepaper baskets.’
    • ‘The importance of presentation is equally apparent on a smaller scale, in the famous Japanese bento box (for a lunch or picnic).’
    • ‘‘Oh, sure, I'd like that,’ I said as I reached for my bento box.’
    • ‘This won an amused chuckle from her friend, ‘Your bento box… how creative of you!’’
    • ‘Before he could stop himself, he placed the bento box gently on the bench beside him and rose to his feet.’
    • ‘Minoru nodded and took out his bento box, which was filled with rice and a lot of different kinds of veggies and sashimi.’
    1. 1.1A Japanese-style packed lunch, consisting of such items as rice, vegetables, and sashimi.
      ‘Of course there is more to a bento than the rice, and the accompaniments (called o-kazu in Japanese) are many and various.’
      • ‘The next step is likely to be Japanese-style foods, such as bento boxed rice lunches.’
      • ‘The matsu bento features attractive tuna and salmon sashimi, accompanied by a butterfly shrimp and zucchini tempura with a side bowl of dipping sauce.’
      • ‘‘You do not look pleased,’ Arisa noted as she started in on her bento.’
      • ‘I brought a bento to eat, one I bought from the little grocery store.’
      • ‘Jahn glanced at his chopsticks, bento lunch, and then gave him an exasperated look.’