Meaning of benzoyl in English:



as modifier
  • Of or denoting the acyl radical —C(O)C₆H₅, derived from benzoic acid.

    ‘benzoyl peroxide’
    • ‘The half-life of ecgonine methyl ester is four hours and benzoyl ecgonine is about 6 hours.’
    • ‘The second, with a Î’ max at 267 nm, corresponds to the benzoyl group of the diketone form.’
    • ‘The screening test for cocaine detects benzoyl ecgonine, the major metabolite of cocaine.’
    • ‘The final tests have shown that in various samples of prepared aconite, the aconine and benzoyl aconine were 1/2000 or 1/250 that of aconitine respectively.’
    • ‘No indication was given of what the others were, but in 1899 Heinrich Dreser, head of the experimental pharmacology laboratory at Elberfeld, named them in a paper as propionyl, butyryl, valeryl, and benzoyl salicylic acids.’



/ˈbɛnzəʊʌɪl/ /ˈbɛnzəʊɪl/