Meaning of Beothuk in English:


Pronunciation /bɪˈɒθək/

nounplural noun Beothuk, plural noun Beothuks

  • 1A member of an indigenous people formerly inhabiting Newfoundland.

    ‘Together with this, the Beothuks sometimes wore Caribou-skin leggings, arm coverings and moccasins.’
    • ‘Increasingly, the Beothuks were forced to try to live on the inadequate resources of the interior.’
    • ‘There are no Beothuks left in any part of the world now that we know of, but there are Indians.’
    • ‘In the early 1500's Beothuks were captured and brought to both France and England to be displayed.’
    • ‘Starvation reduced Beaothuk populations when the increasing numbers of Europeans unknowingly blocked the Beothuks access to the coast and to their traditional livelihood.’
  • 2mass noun The extinct language of the Beothuk.

    ‘Quite singular is the case of a man of unknown nationality who had learned to speak Beothuk "very well."’
    • ‘It once had a dialect of Irish known as Newfoundland Irish, as well as an Amerindian language, Beothuk.’


  • Relating to the Beothuk or their language.

    ‘The story of an exiled Beothuk woman also plays a central part in his second book of poems.’
    • ‘The Native people's lives changed dramatically with the arrival of the Europeans, including the lives of the Beothuk people, who were killed by ‘white ‘diseases or hunted to extinction by Europeans and their Indian allies.’’
    • ‘The author examines rarefied relics like a Beothuk pendant and an anti-Confederation poster from 1940s Newfoundland to recount the most crucial chapters in Canada's ongoing narrative.’
    • ‘His debut novel, is a wonderful historical fiction about the relationship between late-nineteenth-century European settlers and the Beothuk natives who inhabited the woods of Newfoundland.’
    • ‘Designed for open water and used for hunting sea mammals, the Beothuk birchbark canoe was stable enough to heel over without taking on water as the animals were landed.’


Probably the name in Beothuk.