Meaning of bergschrund in English:



  • A crevasse at the junction of a glacier or snowfield with a steep upper slope.

    ‘Pumping turn after exuberant turn, I drop to the south side of the mountain until I'm looking straight down into the gaping bergschrund.’
    • ‘Already 20 to 30 percent stiffer than standard freeride boards, the Frontier is even firmer between the front and back foot to provide a more solid platform for when you, say, hit a bergschrund at 50 mph.’
    • ‘I reach the bergschrund in less than an hour, only to find that I've miscalculated.’
    • ‘He cuts to the right, away from the cliff walls, ice, and bergschrund, onto softer snow, links couple dozen beautiful turns, pull out at the first bench on the right side, and plants his axe to spot for me.’
    • ‘The bergschrund may be invisible in winter if snow covers it, but summer melting usually brings it out.’



/ˈbəːɡʃrʊnd/ /ˈbəːkʃrʊnt/


Mid 19th century from German, from Berg ‘mountain’ + Schrund ‘crevice’.