Meaning of Bergsonian in English:


Pronunciation /bəːɡˈsəʊnɪən/


  • Relating to or characteristic of the French philosopher Henri Bergson or his ideas.

    ‘a Bergsonian division between intuition and intellect’
    • ‘As we have already suggested, Bergsonian intuition is memory.’
    • ‘His style is Bergsonian.’
    • ‘He offers a Bergsonian interpretation.’


  • A follower of the ideas of the French philosopher Henri Bergson.

    ‘half of the most excitable authors of our time have been Bergsonians’
    • ‘Certainly incarnation must be conceived of by a Bergsonian as qualitative and not quantitative.’
    • ‘We have to take account of the fact that on some very important problems it gives quite definite conclusions which one has to adopt if one wishes to be called a Bergsonian.’
    • ‘Will they, he asked, listen to the Bergsonians?’