Meaning of berley in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbəːli/


mass nounAustralian
  • Fish bait scattered on the water.

    ‘berley is an essential element to the success of your fishing here’
    • ‘Being in the centre of the viscous pea soup of berley was not a good situation.’
    • ‘Be ready rigged and drift the bait down the trail with the berley.’
    • ‘Everyone scrambled and jostled for a vantage point to watch the creature investigate the berley, which led it here.’
    • ‘Use berley sparingly and it won't cause too many problems.’
    • ‘If targeting these fish, why not make a berley trail—drift some unweighted dead bait down it, or troll a pattern of small skirted or popper lures.’
    • ‘Head around into the boat harbour with some berley, and the luderick should be there.’
    • ‘About 15 kilograms of berley was used in a cage dive, which was less likely to attract sharks than the half-tonne of offal dumped by commercial fishermen.’
    • ‘You want your berley flowing into a jumble of rocks, guts, and weeds, not straight out to sea.’
    • ‘A continuous flow of berley is important.’
    • ‘If bites stop, it is usually because the berley has run out, or the tide has turned.’


Mid 19th century of unknown origin.