Meaning of Berlin work in English:

Berlin work


mass noun
  • Worsted embroidery on canvas.

    ‘She has noted, ‘from 1830 to 1870 Berlin work eclipsed practically all other types of needlework.’’
    • ‘The Berlin work sampler in Plate X is signed in cross stitch, ‘Adele Latimore St. Benedict.’’
    • ‘And needlework did respond to fashion, hitting low points, such as the Victorian ‘Berlin work ‘craze.’’
    • ‘Her daughter was probably Sarah, who worked the large Berlin work picture of the young Saint John holding a lamb shown in Plate VII.’
    • ‘Berlin work, starting approximately in the 1850s, became extremely popular in the 1870s, when a colorful graph was all that was needed to create a picture, and less creativity is in evidence since then.’