Meaning of Bermuda rig in English:

Bermuda rig



  • A fore-and-aft yachting rig with a tall tapering mainsail.

    ‘The sail plan of the original Potter 14 was a Gunter-style, however by 1975, it had been modified to a Bermuda rig.’
    • ‘They have long overhangs and tall Bermuda rigs and they raced in the Spirit of Tradition Class.’
    • ‘The yachts shown are two cutters, a schooner, a sloop with Bermuda rig much like our modern Marconi rig, and a lugger.’
    • ‘For boats equipped with a Bermuda rig the following rule shall apply.’
    • ‘It was a special wish of professor Albert Einstein that the sailing boat was equipped with a Bermuda rig.’
    • ‘A gaff is preferable to a Bermuda rig for most offshore conditions.’
    • ‘One of the main advantages of the boat is the use of a mast and vertical spar to achieve the same mast height and sail area as the Bermuda rig would set.’
    • ‘Lateens, sprits, gaffs and Bermuda rigs could nuzzle right up to the wind for better speed and maneuverability.’
    • ‘The rig is heavier than a standard gaff or Bermuda rig of the same sail area (but not by much).’
    • ‘She will easily sail through 90 degree tacks to windward, and off the wind, the Bermuda rig provides excellent performance.’
    • ‘Her pre-war owner reported how she once raced from Concarneau to Benodet. - ‘We were home and stowed before the Bermuda rigs came in’.’
    • ‘It relates in particular to those battens which are found on the mainsail of a Bermuda rig, i.e. in the most common rig type in sailing boats for leisure use and regatta purposes.’
    • ‘The gaff rig has 34 square feet more sail area than does the Bermuda rig.’
    • ‘He claims that the efficiency of the junk rig also has other advantages: The sails needn't be made of high-tech materials, and compared to Bermuda rigs, these are the most quiet sails available because they don't slat and snap against the rigging; there isn't any rigging.’
    • ‘I would like to retain the traditional rig, but limitations caused by inability to reef and danger in raising/lowering the mainsail has provided thought to altering to a more manageable fully battened Bermuda rig.’