Meaning of Bernese in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbəːniːz/


  • Relating to or characteristic of the Swiss capital or canton of Berne or its inhabitants.

    ‘a large series of portraits from the Bernese region’
    • ‘He spent a week crossing the Bernese Alps, traveling largely on foot, mule, and horseback.’
    • ‘The Bernese Oberland region of Bern is an evergreen tourist destination.’
    • ‘Enjoy panoramic views of the Bernese snowy peaks from the bar, best experienced at sunset.’
    • ‘It would not be until 1901 when Einstein gained employment at a Bernese patent office did he begin extensive research into theoretical physics.’
    • ‘A sliding door lets us out into the peaceful Bernese village of Schwarzenburg.’


  • 1as plural noun the BerneseThe people of the Swiss capital or canton of Berne.

    ‘the Bernese were proud of their victory over a distinguished mercenary captain’
    • ‘Originally built in the 12th century, it subsequently served as a prison and palace under the Bernese in the 15th century.’
    • ‘There remained the Bernese, who had occupied some of the duke's territories in Savoy and Vaud, and in Geneva, over which he claimed certain rights.’
    • ‘Gibbon argued that the Bernese were now repeating the very same mistakes that had led to the downfall of the Roman republic.’
    • ‘In eleven days, the Bernese entered Geneva, where they were hailed as deliverers.’
  • 2

    ‘the Bernese's beautiful coat needs only daily brushing to keep it in good condition’
    • ‘The Bernese is loyal and affectionate with both people and other animals.’
    • ‘The Bernese is not really suitable to town life, and definitely not for owners who live in small townhouses or apartments.’
    • ‘Others are rescue dogs, including the St. Bernard and Bernese.’
    • ‘I must have left the gate wide open, allowing our big, dirty Bernese to wander up and soil the carpets.’