Meaning of berried in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbɛrɪd/


  • 1Bearing or covered with berries.

    often in combination ‘red-berried elder trees’
    • ‘To one side is flowering vegetation and to the other an alert exotic bird shrieks from a ball finial beside a potted berried bush and a teapot, insects and butterflies whirl above.’
    • ‘In the West we have used our native holly, ivy and mistletoe rather than any other foliage plant or berried bush, sometimes separately, sometimes in combination in the form of a wreath or garland.’
    • ‘The stormcock, a fine and appropriate alternative name for the mistle thrush, will defend a berried bush, especially in hard weather, against other birds of the thrush family, blackbirds, song thrushes; and our winter visitors the redwings and fieldfares.’
    • ‘Yesterday a fat robin visited the brightly berried bush outside my office window.’
    • ‘If possible, place the bird house near a berried bush or other natural habitat.’
  • 2Like a berry or berries, as in flavour or shape.

    ‘Full and wholesome attack, lots of berried flavour, the tannins are ripe and aid the persistence.’
    • ‘I have to say that the finish was without a question its saving grace: long, elegant, with a nice dark berried flavor.’
    • ‘Mouth filling and satisfying, the palate is luscious with soft-bodied, full berried flavor.’
    • ‘Delicious berried aromas have an herbal tinge that follows through on a medium-bodied palate with juicy flavors and smooth tannins.’
    • ‘Dark ruby color and multifaceted berried-aromas dominate the typical Pinot Style.’
  • 3(of crustaceans or fish) bearing eggs.

    ‘The fishermen say legislation to protect berried lobsters has been tried before and is unenforceable.’
    • ‘Undersized and berried fish must be returned to the sea as soon as possible to ensure their maximum chance of survival.’
    • ‘There is also a closed season each year too (and it's now) and it is illegal to take berried fish.’
    • ‘This paper does not consider options relating to the taking of berried crab as more information is required to assess the efficacy of the different rules’
    • ‘Fertilized eggs stick to the bristles of the abdominal legs of the female which is then called a “berried” crab.’