Meaning of bestest in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbɛstɪst/


  • (in children's use) the very best.

    • ‘you're the bestest friend I've ever had’
    • ‘They are, in his mind, the perfect family - mum's beautiful, dad's successful and good looking, Jake's the bestest little kid.’
    • ‘The audience had the bestest time!’
    • ‘Well, as usual the person to save me from being swallowed up by the ground was Jenny - my 'bestest friend in the whole wide world!'’
    • ‘Mark and Reggie became bestest friends.’
    • ‘'It's not like we're bestest friends in the world,' he says.’
    • ‘Yep kids, this is definitely up there with Kat's bestest ever work.’
    • ‘It's endearing - a magical superpop band with those heart-wrenching choruses you love, and the fast-paced uplift of a great underground rock band that only you and your bestest friends know about.’
    • ‘It sounds as if these two are now bestest buddies, born out of epic drinking sessions.’
    • ‘It's got a heart of pure black, and has the bestest ending.’
    • ‘You guys are the bestest!’
    • ‘You are the bestest friend in the whole world, have I ever told you that?’
    • ‘Wincing, I flashed my bestest bud a slight smile before turning to jump off and face my first period teacher - Mrs. Smith.’
    • ‘And my little Charlotte is just the bestest little roommate in the whole wide world!’
    • ‘Next to ice cream, they were the bestest food on earth!’
    • ‘I'll be on my bestest behavior.’
    • ‘Yes, paper bags and empty cardboard boxes are the bestest of cat toys.’
    • ‘But you guys aren't being the bestest communicators.’