Meaning of beta-hydroxy acid in English:

beta-hydroxy acid

Pronunciation /ˌbiːtəhʌɪˌdrɒksi ˈasɪd/


  • An organic acid containing a hydroxyl group bonded to the carbon atom next but one to the carboxylic acid group. One of these compounds, salicylic acid, is used in skincare preparations for its exfoliating properties.

    ‘A dermatologist applies chemicals to the skin, including trichloroacetic acid, high concentrations of alpha hydroxy or beta hydroxy acids, or combinations of all three.’
    • ‘Use an exfoliator that contains alpha and beta-hydroxy acids for more effect.’
    • ‘This is a beta-hydroxy acid and will help to turn over dead skin cells and clear blocked pores.’
    • ‘Green tea, licorice extract, betahydroxy acids - for every new product, you'll find someone for whom it's the miracle that finally fixed their every skin flaw.’
    • ‘When it comes to ingredients, salicylic acid, a beta-hydroxy acid known for its ability to "unglue" sticky dead skin cells, is found in many blackhead treatment products.’