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beta rhythm

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mass nounPhysiology
  • The normal electrical activity of the brain when conscious and alert, consisting of oscillations (beta waves) with a frequency of 18 to 25 hertz.

    ‘The human mind, about which only a very small percentage is known, is a electro-magnetic/chemical device operating in the manner of frequencies (alpha wave, beta wave, etc.)’
    • ‘Subjects who spent between one and three hours each day playing games for three to four days a week, however, had roughly equal alpha and beta wave activity before they began playing.’
    • ‘He claims that leftbrainers are functioning at the beta wave level, while rightbrainers are at the alpha wave level.’
    • ‘But you're picking up a whole range of different frequencies of electrical activity and people will be familiar with brainwaves, the idea of brainwaves - electrical waves or pulses if you like - alpha waves, beta waves.’
    • ‘The ASA also disputed the efficacy of Clear Communications' product - a magnetic oscillator that increase the brain's alpha and beta rhythms to compensate for radiation from phones.’
    • ‘Massage subjects showed decreased EEG alpha and beta waves and decreased delta activity consistent with enhanced alertness.’
    • ‘When one is preparing to release an arrow, beta waves permeate the brain's left hemisphere.’
    • ‘It picks up the theta waves of supernatural creatures and turns them into beta waves that are sent into my brain through these pads right here.’
    • ‘Scientists say television viewing increases your brain's alpha waves and slows your beta waves, making you feel mellow and relaxed.’
    • ‘In science, brain waves between 14 and 25 hertz per second are called beta waves, and these are a characteristic of baser people who live only at the physical level and who possess contentious, worldly minded, acquisitive senses of being.’
    • ‘Brain scans have shown that the fragrance of rosemary increases blood circulation in the brain, and, he says, jasmine tends to boost beta waves in the front of the brain, which is associated with an enhanced mental state.’
    • ‘Alpha waves, which are in the range of 8-13 cycles per second, are associated with a deep meditative state, as compared to beta waves which are associated with routine conscious thought.’
    • ‘Nothing's as good as coffee when it's still dark and you've been up all night lying in your bed like a corpse unable to shift even to beta waves.’