Meaning of Beth Din in English:

Beth Din

(also Beit Din)

Pronunciation /beɪt ˈdiːn/


  • A Jewish court of law composed of three rabbinic judges, responsible for matters of religious law and the settlement of civil disputes.

    ‘four rabbis were assigned to her case for a Beth Din’
    • ‘He acted as head of the Los Angeles Beth Din or Orthodox Jewish rabbinical court.’
    • ‘Although she did not include them as defendants in this action she testified that she has instituted proceedings against them before a Beth Din, a rabbinical court, to recover her losses.’
    • ‘A great challenge for the Beth Din of America were those missing husbands whose remains were not found.’
    • ‘As complete description as possible of dealing with Beth Dins and their faults in modern times.’
    • ‘The community should feel confident that the Sydney Beth Din will investigate the matter fully.’
    • ‘In the event that any Beth Din accesses this proof they will invalidate the ‘get’.’
    • ‘The Beth Din holds a large collection of material relating to marriages, divorces and some other material.’
    • ‘The excommunication that the Beth Din is now free to implement contains, among others, these restrictions.’
    • ‘The arbitrator of questions regarding the operation of the mikvah is the Beth Din of San Jose and the South Bay.’
    • ‘Further questions should be directed to the Beth Din of America at 807-9042.’
    • ‘He is also Av Beth Din of the Chicago Rabbinical Council and chairs the RCA Halakhic Commission.’
    • ‘The actual Get procedure is relatively straightforward and the Beth Din will advise the couple regarding each step.’
    • ‘The Beth Din will therefore strive for a dignified approach to resolution of difficulties within our community.’
    • ‘Orthodox Jews go to the Beth Din to settle their disputes - they believe it is a religious obligation to go there’
    • ‘And we believe, for example, that if you have a communal institution like the Beth Din under the community's auspices, there should be one central authority for providing Kosher supervision.’
    • ‘For instance, rabbinical courts or Beth Dins dealing with business and matrimonial issues have been functioning for some time in North America.’
    • ‘Will children born from such Gittin, and from the Gittin of such Beth Dins that permit fiscal coercion be considered mamzerim or doubtful mamzerim?’
    • ‘What this means is that in the next generation, many marriages made by Orthodox Beth Dins that employ governmental pressure on a husband to give a GET will produce children.’
    • ‘It is virtually impossible for an outsider to draw accurate conclusions about the closeted and tightly knit world of Chabad Hasidism that is governed by its own religious courts known as Beth Dins.’
    • ‘Among them were proceedings of rabbinical courts, Beth Dins, dated 1443, 1468, and 1472, marriage contracts, ketubahs, from 1482 and 1487, a Biblical fragment in Aramaic, another with a portion of Exodus printed in double columns of Hebrew.’


From Hebrew bēṯ dīn, literally ‘house of judgement’.