Meaning of bethink in English:


Pronunciation /bɪˈθɪŋk/

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formal, archaic bethink oneself
  • Come to think.

    ‘he bethought himself of the verse from the Book of Proverbs’
    • ‘Verily, many of them once lifted their legs like the dancer; to them winked the laughter of my wisdom: - then did they bethink themselves.’
    • ‘I know not whether these ancestors of mine bethought themselves to repent, and ask pardon of Heaven for their cruelties; or whether they are now groaning under the heavy consequences of them, in another state of being.’
    • ‘I bethought myself to ask the rider whither - and I a mere beast!’
    • ‘Once the ballet runs out of adversaries, the saint bethinks himself of England's plight and rides off in triumph to quell what foes may still remain to her [listen - track 7, 4: 59-5: 55].’
    • ‘If you bethink yourself of any crime Unrecoucil'd as yet to heaven a d grace, Solicit for it straight…’
    • ‘Since this is mock-epic, however, when offering homage to his hero, Garth is led to bethink himself of epic, particularly of the Aeneid, and to attempt to appropriate; but the results are hardly impressive.’
    be reported, be thought, be believed, be alleged, be rumoured, be reputed, be put about


Old English bithencan(see be-, think).