Meaning of bevatron in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbɛvətrɒn/


  • A synchrotron used to accelerate protons to energies in the billion electronvolt range.

    ‘This decades-old machine has long since been surpassed by bevatrons and linear accelerators.’
    • ‘The bevatron will strike far deeper into the atomic nucleus, where matter and energy lie closely twined together.’
    • ‘In this article we shall first discuss the principles from which the bevatron is to be constructed and trace a cycle of operation of an ideal machine in some detail, and then go into the question of whether a real machine can be constructed which will approximate the ideal case closely enough.’
    • ‘Thus the volume on Mechanics of the Berkeley physics course presents a whole set of photographs on bevatrons, radiotelescopes, and other big machines from laboratories belonging to certain multinational companies.’
    • ‘Though the United States has the biggest of the bevatrons - the Berkeley bevatron is 6.2 bev - the Russians have a 10 bev accelerator in construction which, when it is completed, will be the world's largest.’


1940s from BeV+ -tron.