Meaning of bevel gear in English:

bevel gear

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  • A gear working another gear at an angle to it by means of bevel wheels.

    ‘The propeller-shaft continues forward along the broken-open keel and back inside the wreck, ending in the engine room with a bevel gear.’
    • ‘The tilting mechanism consisted of a large bevel gear segment bolted to the cross-head and positioned within the frame of the machine.’
    • ‘The trucks have crown and bevel gear sets which are connected to the motors by automotive style driveshafts.’
    • ‘The delivering program includes spur gears, bevel gears, planetary gears, and slewing gears, to name just a few.’
    • ‘The drive is taken from a cross-shaft between the two - reduction and bevel gearing transmitting the power to a longitudinal shaft, in turn passing the drive to the axles, again through bevel gears.’