Meaning of beware of Greeks bearing gifts in English:

beware of Greeks bearing gifts

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  • If a rival or enemy shows one generosity or kindness, one should be suspicious of their motives.

    ‘“Beware the Greeks bearing gifts,” he cries, hurling a spear into its side.’
    • ‘The only antidote to this kind of thing that I can think of, is the folklore wisdom contained in "Beware the Greeks bearing gifts."’
    • ‘Government also seems to have realised that it should beware the Greeks bearing gifts.’
    • ‘As the measure has been drawn by the most experienced and devoted friends of the reform, there is no occasion to fear the "Greeks bearing gifts" in this instance.’
    • ‘During the discussion in the Senate and House, the principle, "Fear the Greeks bearing gifts," was introduced and reiterated with emphasis.’


    With allusion to Virgil's Aeneid (ii. 49), which recounts the story of the Trojan Horse (see Trojan Horse).