Meaning of Bewick's swan in English:

Bewick's swan

Pronunciation /ˈbjuːɪks/


  • A bird of the Eurasian race of the tundra swan, breeding in Arctic regions of Russia and overwintering in northern Europe and central Asia.

    Cygnus columbianus bewickii, family Anatidae

    ‘If the winter remains ‘open’ the majority of the Bewick's swans will have left the Fens before the end of next month.’
    • ‘The Bewick's swan and the waved albatross are two examples.’
    • ‘Families now rub shoulders with veteran birdwatchers to view the Whooper's plus 106 Bewick's swans from Siberia.’
    • ‘The bulk of Ireland's wintering population of Bewick's swan, pochard, tufted duck, bar-tailed godwit and grey plover are believed to come from Siberia as do small numbers of mallard, teal, pintail, wigeon and shoveler.’
    • ‘Biologists know that thousands of Bewick's swans overwinter in Britain and Holland but virtually nothing is know about where whooper swans from the Russian Tundra overwinter, and their flight path can only be speculated about.’