Meaning of beyond comparison in English:

beyond comparison


  • Surpassing all others of the same kind.

    ‘their spa services are fantastic and beyond comparison’
    • ‘Look, there are two events which are beyond comparison, which are unique events.’
    • ‘The intricate figurines that roll out of his sandalwood art when he opens one hand-held closet after another is beyond comparison.’
    • ‘And of course the difference in the human cost is almost beyond comparison.’
    • ‘The merge between graphic design and photography is seamless and the end result is beyond comparison.’
    • ‘Whether it is in doing good to others, solving a difficult problem, or simply doing the right thing, man experiences a certain glow of pleasure that is beyond comparison.’
    • ‘That conversation was a gift beyond comparison.’
    • ‘For Shirley, this was a tragedy beyond comparison.’
    • ‘She's an expert on good music, and beautiful beyond comparison.’
    • ‘At first, I'd just seen her as my strong friend who could do anything, and who was brave beyond comparison.’
    • ‘It was sparking like a lake in the sun, but with a beauty beyond comparison.’
    unmatched, unrivalled, unparalleled, unequalled, matchless, peerless, without peer, without equal, in a class of its own, all-time best, inimitable, incomparable, beyond compare, beyond comparison, second to none, unsurpassable, surpassing, nonpareil