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beyond measure

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  • To a very great extent.

    ‘she felt weary beyond measure’
    • ‘The previous night had rendered me absolutely useless, as I had stayed up all night working on the next-to-last chapter of my book, and was exhausted beyond measure.’
    • ‘Relieved beyond measure, he downed the pill gratefully.’
    • ‘It was perverse beyond measure, but it was not selfish.’
    • ‘They are known to be valiant and brave beyond measure.’
    • ‘He had been rich beyond measure, and suddenly he was poor.’
    • ‘The idea that she might kill him terrified him beyond measure.’
    • ‘He nodded understandingly, but I knew he was puzzled beyond measure.’
    • ‘She padded her brow and face several times with the sleeve of her robe, and looked fatigued beyond measure.’
    • ‘Rachel pressed her lips together, confused beyond measure as to whether she wanted him to go or stay.’
    • ‘She had always had a love for beautiful things, and these were beautiful beyond measure.’
    immensely, extremely, vastly, greatly, excessively, immeasurably, incalculably, infinitely, limitlessly, boundlessly, inexhaustibly
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